The Future of Adulthood is a speculative design project by Jessie Lau and I exploring what adulthood may be like in 30 years from now. In this fictitious world, you will see a future where the concept of adulthood is no longer definitive, but rather a state of fluidity and adaptability. People aren’t settling down and are living a fast-paced lifestyle with the aim of fulfilling their inner desires. Purpose Booth and FORM are visual representations of what the future may have in store on topics such as work and love.
Purpose Booth
As technology advances, most jobs will soon be automated. Where does that leave mankind? How do adults hit the “job” milestone they so soulfully want to attain?

The Purpose Booth reflects on the future of what it is to work, inciting questions on how we would find purpose and fulfillment within ourselves. It understands who you are, gathering all your personal data to decide and provide you with tasks that will help you stay relevant, productive, and happy. We will turn towards larger purpose goals–teaching, leading, inventing, and caring–that play an intrinsic value in our lives. Over time, many skills will be automated, freeing you to learn new ones and consistently change your purpose to best fit your needs at the moment. 

The quick and easy way to attain service prompts viewers to question the role work will have in our future lives; what we do and how we sustain ourselves is our sole purpose in life.

People are invited to enter the booth to understand how future citizens of our world will find their purpose-for-now. Utilizing AI technology, it understands your interests and skills, gathering all your personal data to decide what task you should be doing to stay relevant and productive.
What if we supported all intimate relationships with the same energy currently devoted to celebrating and supporting marriage? 

FORM helps bring you closer to the people in your life–celebrating and supporting them like never before. They redistribute care and support across networks of extended family, neighbours, friends, coworkers, roommates, and other relationships. The FORM Ink develops in your skin to create a tattoo that fades based on your emotion and psychological attachment for that person/group. While the tattoo does fade, it is not erased permanently. It leaves a scar once the relationship is broken, marking their everlasting impact on you. 

As adults in the future experience and explore new things, having less commitments, and more time to do what they love and with people they love, FORM tattoos are a visual manifestation of how relationships with other people are weighed more. 

FORM seeks to expand what constitutes as meaningful love.
Purpose Booth
The booth is designed to be convenient and accessible at locations such as transportation stops, food courts, waiting rooms, and walkways. The quick and attainable service prompts viewers to question if our sole purpose in life is what we do and how we sustain ourselves. The Purpose Booth provides people a way to find themselves, giving a purpose to fulfill, and a reason to live.
This user interface walks viewers through one purpose result out of thousands. While Pavan is given his purpose of a Friend, he could have also been given Lifestyle Designer if he was more creative-oriented, or AI Supervisor if he loved to manage people.
After your purpose is given, a receipt is printed and you are stamped with an identification mark. Once all is complete, you are ready to fulfil your purpose!
FORM has collected thousands of relationship designs over the years. This edition is commemorating the submissions between 2060-2061.
To view the full book, click here.
After submitting your relationship onto FORM’s website, your package will arrive containing the tattoo stencil, wipes, FORM Ink, and a razor! The instructional pamphlet and informational card guide you through the process of tattooing your relationship.
Process Books

Book 1 - Introduction

Book 2 - Future of Work

Book 3 - Future of Love

Book 4 - Our Future

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